Thursday, 18 April 2013

Transitions- An easy painting tutorial

Despite studying law, Visual Arts was my best subject in high school. Although I no longer have the time to spend months on detailed oil paintings, I still love during my uni breaks, to whip out the old easel and palette, and tune into my inner artist, allowing the minds inner turbulence to break free in the form of exuberant brush strokes on canvas (yes now I sound like a visual arts student).

Taking a page out of Frieda Kahlo's books, art and other creative outlets are my catharsis and a way to cope when the mundane world and legal theory all gets too much.

I painted this picture of William and I last uni break. It makes me happy. I love colour and my artworks have always been centered around the meanings that colour evokes.

This was a small A4 size quick oil painting. I know the there are technical flaws but whatever. The colours make me happy.

Painting can be whatever you want it to be. Find your own style and just work with it. I will never perfectly replicate a human face but that does not mean I can't make beautiful works of art that can be enjoyed by many.

Anyone can blend colours and colours will always be pretty. So moving on to an artwork I did today and which anyone can do. It is so easy.

I called this painting Transitions and is an easy artwork that anyone can replicate

You will need:
  • A large canvas (mine was 24 by 30 inches),   
  • oil paints (you could use acrylic but the result would not be as good), 
  • thin tape, 
  • ruler, 
  • pen,  
  • large wide paintbrush  
  • palette.

Step 1.
Using the tape, create whatever pattern takes your fancy. I did diagonal lines spaced evenly at 4cm and then created a warped organic structure.

Step 2.
Paint over tape however you wish. I used bright colours which I transitioned and blended into other colours

Step 3.
Remove tape, revealing your impressive artwork.You can leave it like this or blur some of the lines as I did in the red sections to add more depth and dimension to the composition. Place the painting somewhere to dry (or just hang up wet as I did). Once the paint is dry you can then go around and paint the border.

 This painting is just what my boring dining room wall needed!!


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